I cannot make/receive calls with IP-Phone. I can only make calls using landline.

Please check the following:

■ Check if you are not making calls to unsupported numbers.
You can check the list of numbers which you cannot call in the following webpage.
>> Asahi Net IP-Phone-C: Numbers Outside the Scope of this Service

■ Please check if the power of your IP-Phone supported device is ON.

■ If the IP-Phone is not working all of a sudden, please try to reboot your devices (turn OFF the power of your computer and IP-Phone-supported device, turn them ON again after waiting for about five minutes).

■ Please check if you are correctly connected to the internet.
Try connecting to the internet with your computer. If connection cannot be established, connection may not be available temporarily due to telecommunication carriers' maintenance or failure.
You can refer to the following page in order to check for maintenance and service outages in advance.
>> Maintenance and Service Outages

■ Please check if the settings and wiring of your IP-Phone supported device (e.g., ADSL modem with IP-Phone feature) are correct.

In accordance with the included manual, please check the following:
- Are the device and cable correctly connected?
- If your telephone device is equipped with α5/ACR (LCR)/Comista feature, check to see if they are disabled on the phone itself.

■ Check if you can make calls using landline.
Connect your telephone directly to the splitter as shown in the diagram below to check if you can call through landline.
If not, your telephone itself may be broken.

■ Check the settings of your IP-Phone supported device.
Check to see if the settings for IP-Phone is correct on your IP-Phone supported device.
Please refer to the following page for details.
>> Settings Guide

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