I completed my settings but an authentication error shows up and cannot connect to the internet.

1. Are you using the correct FLET'S Course?

You must be using the Asahi Net FLET'S Course that matches the type of NTT FLET'S line you have.
For example, if you have an NTT FLET'S Hikari Next Family line you need to be using either Asahi Net's FLET'S Hikari Next Family Course or FTTH with FLET'S Home Course.

Please take a look at the notifications ("Kaitsu no Annai (notifying you the start of service)", billing statement, etc.) NTT sent you if the FLET'S line type is matching the Asahi Net Course.
You can check your Asahi Net contract details from your My Page as follows.

Asahi Net: Login to My Page

2. Please check your internet settings

Please take a look at your settings once again to see if the connection user name and password are all correctly set.
For more details, refer to the following page.

Settings Guide: FLET'S Hikari Next/FLET'S Hikari Light /FLET'S ADSL/B FLET'S/Hikari Collaboration Connection Services

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