I cannot connect to the Asahi Net Wi-Fi Wi2 service. The Web browser on my computer is up and running, but the Login screen does not come up.

Please confirm the following points:

1. Are you in the Wi2 available area?
2. Is the wireless function of your wireless device activated?
3. Is your wireless device connected to the SSID?
4. Is your wireless device allocated an IP address with a DHCP connection?
5. Is your Web browser compatible with the SSL? Is it activated on your device?
6. Have you unchecked the checkbox for "Use proxy server" in your Web browser settings?
7. Are you in the Wi2 roaming area such as BB Mobilepoint? If so, please make sure to add the suffix "@wi2" after your Wi2 Login ID.
If the problem persists, please contact Asahi Net.

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