I want to send the processed results to more than one address.

Send to address is specified using the VALUE attribute of <INPUT> tag. You can send to more than one address by typing in “," between email addresses.

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="_to" VALUE="Mail Address 1,Mail Address 2,Mail Address 3">

[Practical Use] *Only for Personal Homepage, FreeAddress Homepage
If you wish to send processed results to the email address which you specify in advance and to the email address entered by visitor, you can do so by using the confirmation page template.
Please insert the following tag to the template file of your confirmation page.

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="_to" VALUE="email address which you specify in advance,$VAL{NAME attribute of email address input field}">

Example (confirmation page template)
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="_to" VALUE="asahi.taro@asahinet.jp,$VAL{mail}">

In this case, the email address input field of Form Decode will be as follows.
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="mail" SIZE="80">

* "_to" only specifies the confirmation page.

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