What are the differences among the various types of FLET'S Hikari lines?


FLETS Hikari Next is a fixed-rate line where the same monthly charge is applied regardless of how much you use the internet.FLET'S Hikari Light/FLET'S Hikari Light Plus* are two-tiered, fixed-rate lines where monthly charges are determined depending on the amount of data traffic used with internet.

If you are regularly using the internet, we recommend FLET'S Hikari Next. If you do not use the internet on a regular basis, or do not use video streaming service etc., we recommend FLET'S Hikari Light/FLET'S Hikari Light Plus*.

  • FLET'S Hikari Light Plus is only available with NTT East Family Course.

Please contact NTT East/West for details of FLET'S Hikari line charges and service.

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