Internet speed slows down or gets easily disconnected after connecting with dial-up.

Please check the following:
Review the environment.
  • Trouble may occur if your telephone cable is branched to hub (splitter), adapter or other communication device. Try connecting the modem and modular connector using a single telephone line.
  • If you are using a long telephone cable, try using a shorter one (shorter than 2 m).
  • If your modem is placed near any appliance such as television, microwave, refrigerator, etc., try separating the modem or telephone cable apart from those appliances.
  • If any noise occurs when you are making telephone calls, request NTT East/West to investigate your telephone line.
Check modem settings.
  • Try decreasing the default maximum speed (115200 bps).
  • Please check if the following settings are valid.
    • Hardware flow control
    • Error control in modem
    • Data compression in modem
    Example: Windows 10

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