Can I connect ADSL modem and PC with wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)?

You can connect with wireless LAN by preparing your own wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) device. ADSL modem and wireless LAN device are basically connected with LAN cable (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX), but there is also wireless LAN device which allow wireless LAN card. For the card's setup information and operation verification, please check the support information provided by the card supplier. 

Please note that Asahi Net does not provide support on how to setup the modem which is prepared on your own. 
If you have any questions on how to setup your modem, please check the corresponding manual or inquire the supplier. 

ADSL modems which allow wireless LAN card
NEC Aterm WD701CV Available NEC Aterm WD701CV Support Information (Japanese)
NEC Aterm WD605CV Available NEC Aterm WD605CV Support Information (Japanese)
NEC Aterm DR314CV Unavailable -
NEC Aterm DR203C Unavailable -
NEC Aterm DR202C(T) Unavailable -

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