Is the establishment of a server for the service possible?

It is possible.

However, please note that Asahi Net does not provide support for the establishment and operation of broadband servers such as WWW servers. Asahi Net shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any troubles that may arise from the establishment of a server.

Furthermore, if any of the following activities are found to be associated with the internet connection of a member, Asahi Net may suspend connection of the member in question without prior notice.

  • Sending of spam mails
  • Attacking of other computers
  • Using for stepping stone attacks to other computers

If you are planning to establish and operate a DNS server, Asahi Net implements IP53B to avoid open resolver servers and communication devices being used for stepping stone attacks.

For further details on IP53B, and how to request removal of IP53B, please refer to the webpage below.

Inbound Port 53 Blocking (IP53B)

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